our mission as a group

Our goal is to bring the music industry not just another girl group, but women who are relatable. Music that make's you want to make love, dance and inspires you. we have so many plans and unique ideas that we are ready to share with the world. no the group has not been named yet. 
our requirements for new members

our ideal 3rd/4th member will be girls who share the same deep passion for music as we do. preferably a strong song writer and alto/soprano singer. Beween the ages of (18-24). Acustomed to hip hop dance our routines include a lot of dancing. Positive atittude, silly and bubbly personality is a must.
our story

The group started by Reka & Marnise. Cousins, aged 22& 20. Keionna 21, joined the group in 2012, We all come from a musical family, we've been singing all our lives. We're silly and we all love to have fun. Reka is the outgoing, dancer of the group. As Marnise is the soft spoken, writer and Keionna is the bubbly , care free one. We need individuals that can easily fit in with us.
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Auditioning For New Members
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A Detroit Based, Pop/R&B group Preparing To Take The World By Storm With Their Vocal, Dance, & Performing Talents. The Group Currently Consists Of 3 Young Girls Who Show Us That Just Cause They're Young Doesn't Mean They Don't Have What It Takes To Be The Next Big Stars. They Are Keionna, Reka, & Marnise. With Influences Like Toni Braxton, Xscape, Destiny's Child & The Pussycat Dolls. These Girls Are Bringing A Whole New Meaning To Swagger. So Be On The Look Out !